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METROTECH is Rental of Projectors, Screens, LCD TVs for events in Metro Manila and nearby cities, Philippines. A progressive company in the field of technology composed of dedicated, passionate and hard working individuals whose corporate mission is to give and deliver with par excellence compliance to our customers as we send our latest and properly maintained equipment right to your every event doorstep.

Our job is to make your life easier at least in the area of technology. We can and we do provide new, fresh, latest, well cared for, properly maintained and coming from industry leading manufacturers’ best kinds of equipments. (Name it and we’ll have it fitted to meet your requirement!) But more importantly, we’ll help you make it work if that’s what you need.

Flawless execution, smooth compliance, dependable technicians complete our on the day mission to your event by sending you not just equipments but our team of trained, equipped, prepared and competent technicians able to respond for your peace of mind. This is our corporate mission coupled with pure passion.




It's Our Service Not Just The Equipment

Everyday, We at METROTECH are committed to put value in what we do. We take our purpose seriously as we focus on our goal diligently and earnestly desire to strictly follow the rules we have established all these years. As we grow and expand, We made sure it is an evident truth to every member of our team, A helpful reminder to all of us each and every call of duty opportunity. We bring these truths with us - It's Our Service Not Just The Equipment -